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About us

The Maternity Market is owned and run by us Bron & Nikki (hi👋), two mums (and besties) who live in Sydney Australia.

The idea for TMM was born in Bron’s pregnancy-muddled brain in 2016.

It sat until 2019, when inspiration and opportunity finally combined and we started to make our dream - to help women during pregnancy and postpartum, become a reality.

Three years, and two and a half new babies later - we have not only created our dream business, we have also launched our own range of products. And we've no plans to stop there!

Our Mission

For pregnancy and postpartum self-care to be regarded as a necessity and not a luxury.

We believe that every woman deserves to have affordable and accessible self-care and practical products to help them look after themselves both during pregnancy and in those crucial early months after birth.

The Maternity Market is something we wish we had had when we were both pregnant for the first time.

Somewhere where the mum-to-be and her health (both physical and mental) is the focus.

As mums, we feel like we can speak from experience and directly to other women going through their pregnancy journey. We are dedicated to building a space where you feel you can find quality products at a pricepoint that won't make you feel like you should spend that money on something else. Because you deserve it.

We’re hoping TMM grows and becomes the #1 place you think of when you’re looking for products to support you or your loved one.

We’re so glad you stopped by, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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