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Profesh Sesh #5 with Postpartum Doula, Saira Allen from The Nurtured Family
We're back baby mama! We've had a little break from our blog but we're so breast-pumped to be back with more insightful content to help make your pregnancy and postpartum a lot easier, and to share the experience of motherhood...
To VBAC or not to VBAC, that is the question...

Nikki discusses her struggle with her decision to either book a scheduled c-section or try for a VBAC.


I don't have a "perfect" baby bump and that's ok.
This post contains photos of my pregnant body. This has been hard for me to share, but it would be hyprocritical of me to tell you all to love your bodies… and not love my own. Please be kind! I...
Profesh Sesh #4 with Rachel from Rachel Fitt Physiotherapy
Pelvic floor health and postpartum exercise - two absolute KEY things for your physical and mental wellbeing you should consider on your pregnancy journey and two things that can easily be ignored postpartum. That's why this week we are excited...
Profesh Sesh #3 with Tiff and Elise from Shine Postnatal Services
In Profesh Sesh #3 Bron interview Tiff and Elise from Shine Postnatal Services. Shine provides food delivery and cleaning services for families in the days and weeks after bringing home your new baby. Tiff and Elise are midwifery students and also have a super fab Instagram account, full of positive, engaging and inspiring posts on the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.
Time to get real - part 2

Nikki follows up on her first blog post where she shared her very itchy pregnancy journey with PUPPS. In this post she shares her birth story. It's raw. It's real. And it's a story that many of us can relate to. When your birth plan... doesn't quite go to plan.

Fourth trimester musings.
Kathryn is a mum of three, her youngest, Bence is 4 weeks old. She kindly shared her experience with us in the hopes it will make other womxn feel less alone. "Forgive me if I ramble. I'm so tired. Even...
Profesh Sesh #2 - Kate from Milky Business Lactation
In our Profesh Sesh #2 we are celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with a chat to Kate from Milky Business. Kate is a lactation consultant and midwife who has just recently launched an online Ultimate Breastfeeding Guide. Kate talks to us about breastfeeding, shares her knowledge and gives advice to mums.
Profesh Sesh #1 with Natalie from Prepared to Birth
Bron from The Maternity Market interviews Natalie Andrew from Prepared to Birth to find out more about hypnobirthing. Natalie gives great advice on what hypnobirthing is, what Prepared to Birth offers and helpful tips for first-time mums/parents.
Why searching for 'pregnancy products' in Australia makes me sad.
There are over 300,000 babies born in Australia every year and I'll wager there is a good 300,000 baby-only online stores. Of course there are maternity/pregnancy products out there, but why isn't there a one-stop shop that every woman knows about to go to and find what she needs/wants?
Why we're on the hunt for the perfect pregnancy pillow (maternity pillow, what do you call them?).
The Maternity Market is on the look out for the perfect pregnancy pillow/ maternity pillow!
The Fanny Flusher Perineal Bottle Story
All good superheroes need a kick-ass origin story right? I’d like to tell you the story about how our signature product, The Fanny Flusher came to be. Get in your time machine and let’s flashback to 2016. A simpler time,...
Time to get real
Pregnancy isn’t all ‘glowing skin’ and joy. You go through many stages of emotions throughout your pregnancy, in different orders for different people. They range from excitement, relief, happiness, anxiety, exhaustion, frustration, euphoria and acceptance, just to name a few....
The Mumma Advice Network
Hello you, It’s Bron here. I’m so glad to get to talk you finally. I’m not sure what brought you here, whether you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or it’s 3:27am and you’re trying to kill time while...