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Reflexology labour and birth comb

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A reflexology Comb for Labour + Birth made from eco friendly cellulose acetate (highly biodegradable) and imprinted with the mantra "Open, Soften, Surrender".

This natural and very effective pain management tool helps women in labour by activating Gate Control Theory. This asserts that when painful stimuli (such as a contraction) is felt at the same time as non-painful stimuli (such as with this “handy” acupressure tool - pun definitely intended) pain signals are then limited from reaching the brain.

This tool loved by Midwives, Doulas and of course, Mamas alike. She earns bonus points for being waterproof too, unlike timber. It can of course also be used as a normal comb! Bonus points if you have forgotten to pack your brush in your hospital bag

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Made from: Eco friendly cellulose acetate (highly biodegradable).

Instructions: Holding a comb with the teeth pointing just below where your fingers meet your palm can help provide a distraction during labor, helping take away the pain. The comb and the sensation of it on your hand can act as a focal point during labor and is something to concentrate on.

Stage of pregnancy: Third Trimester.

Symptoms/Tags: labour, pain management, contractions.