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Raspberry Leaf Tea – 50g

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Raspberry leaf tea has been used forever as a uterine tonic to help prepare and facilitate an easier labour and birth.

And who doesn’t want a strong uterus? Do not use this earlier than 34 weeks into your pregnancy.

You should get about 50 cups of tea from the bottle. 

As always, because we are all about safety, please read ingredients, instructions, our safety disclaimer and any special disclaimers before purchasing.

Made from: Raspberry leaf.

Instructions: Add a teaspoon amount into your tea infuser or disposable tea bag and add to boiling water, letting the bag/infuser seep for at least 5 minutes. We recommend no more than one cup per day but if you are in the week of your due date, or overdue you can increase to two.

Stage of pregnancy: Third Trimester.

Symptoms/Tags: birth, labour, overdue, strong uterus.

Special disclaimer: Do not use this product earlier than 34 weeks into your pregnancy.