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Pregnancy Blessing Kit

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Sometimes we need to take the time and space through our pregnancy to look after our mind and spirit.

These pregnancy blessing kits are perfect to help you refocus and tap into your mama warrior.

In the kit you will find a test tube filled with parchment and ritual instructions. Using the handmade candle, crystals and palo santo you set up your space and say your spell or intentions. There is also a hand-harvested tea blend and bath salts to add to your "me time."

A fantastic gift or baby shower present option! 

As always, because we are all about safety, please read ingredients, instructions, our safety disclaimer and any special disclaimers before purchasing.

Made from:

  • Bath salt: Magnesium Epsom salt and locally grown organic rose.
  • Tea: Hand harvested and air-dried locally grown, organic lemon balm ginger root and nettle.
  • Traditional hand-dipped candle.
  • Rose quartz : eternal love.
  • Sunstone: for easing depression, anxiety and doubts.
  • Amethyst: for protection.
  • Organic and sustainably grown Palo Santo.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Hand-drawn sigil.

Instructions: In the test-tube you will find blessing instructions. Have a relaxing bath using the bath salts. After your bath light the candle and surround it with the crystals. Recite words on parchment.

Burn the paper sigil and visualise a safe delivery and birth. Take the Palo Santo stick and light it using the flame of the candle. Blow the Palo Santo out and pass each gemstone through the smoke before placing them in the bag. Blow out the candle. Enjoy a cup of tea to end the ritual.

Keep the crystals with you and take them with you when you are in labour. After bub is born and the spell is completed bury the remains of the candle in the earth to give thanks.

Stage of Pregnancy: Third Trimester

Symptoms: anxiety, mindfulness, baby shower gift