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Mummy Soak – 500g

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You did it girl! Now, remember to take the time to unwind and rebalance.

If you have a lock on your bathroom door, you know what to do. This bath soak uses naturopathic wisdom to harmonise hormones and calm the immune and nervous systems to allow for a deep exhale and stillness of mind.

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Made from: Epsom salts, Himalayan salts, Calendula, Witch hazel, Withania, Chamomile and essential oils of: Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium and Roman chamomile.
Instructions: Use around half a cup of salts per bath, directly in the bath or in a disposable bath “tea-bag”. Float, how good does it feel to be weightless right now? Take some deep breaths. Relax mumma.

Stage of pregnancy: Postpartum

Symptoms/Tags: postnatal, relaxation, stress, anxiety, mindfulness.