Mama Kind Motherhood Mantras affirmation card deck
Mama Kind Motherhood Mantras affirmation card deck

Mantras for Motherhood card deck

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A set of 31 beautiful positive affirmation cards to promote harmony, self love and inner peace in motherhood.

Pick a card at random each morning or select a card from the set that resonates with you and your current mindset. Read it aloud and then close your eyes and say it again. Repeat this mantra throughout the day, drawing out negativity, and breathing in positivity. If you have a moment of quiet to yourself, you might like to use these mantras to guide your meditation, or to simply focus on while you breathe in and out deeply.

These cards also make great Baby Shower gifts or as a gift for a new mother who needs some extra love and support!

Card size is 7 x 10cm

Made from: Coated cardboard

Instructions: Use as needed when you need that boost mama.

Stage of pregnancy: Postpartum

Symptoms/Tags: motherhood, stress, anxiety, relaxation, baby shower

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