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Breastie Milk Saver Bottle

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Every breastfeeding mum’s bestie, this bottle will suction to your breast and catch that previous milk that would otherwise be lost during letdown.

Great for using whilst feeding on the opposite side or to help relieve engorgement.


  • Handy suction base, spill-proof lid and stopper included.
  • Lightweight and compact, perfect for travel.
  • Holds 120mL breast milk.

Dishwasher and steam steriliser safe.

Made from: 100% food-grade silicone. BPA free, no phthalates, hypoallergenic and easy to use.

Instructions: Detailed instructions are included.

Stage of pregnancy: Postpartum

Symptoms/Tags: breastfeeding, engorgement, milk supply, let-down, haakaa, boobs