The Maternity Market pregnancy products postpartum adult nappies
The Maternity Market pregnancy products postpartum adult nappies

Adult Nappies a.k.a “Premium Lady Pants”

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You know what? The first few days after giving birth, nappies aren’t necessarily just for your baby.

Some women rave about the benefits of adult nappies. Comfortable, efficient and disposable. Three invaluable things that can make your life and your recovery just a little bit easier.

These MoliCare Premium lady pants look and feel like regular underwear (or close to!) and can handle up to two cups of fluid. The pants contain skin-friendly Aloe Vera as well as a 3-layer absorbent core that pulls fluid away from the surface, so the skin stays dry, healthy. It also has unique fibre technology that helps to maintain the skin's natural pH level, important in reducing infection and skin irritation.

We tried these on to test them (you’re welcome) and once you get over the fact that you’re wearing a nappy you will find they are super comfy, aren’t bulky and are much less hassle than wearing pads and fussing around with undies.

Medium – Waist 80-120cm (Size 10-14) - pack of 8. 
Large – Waist 100-150cm (Size 14-18) - pack of 7. 
Pictured: Bron wears the Large. She is a size 14.

Instructions: It’s simple. Pull them up. Chuck them out when needed.

Stage of pregnancy: Postpartum

Symptoms/Tags: postnatal, disposable underwear, lochia, postnatal bleeding, healing

Special disclaimer: Please use with care.