Restore Sitz Postnatal Soak – 200g

Restore Sitz Postnatal Soak – 200g

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This natural blend of epsom bath salts assists to heal and restore your body after birth with rich magnesium, witch hazel and a blend of essential oils.

While your body is hard at work with its own natural healing process, a shallow sitz bath can help to heal tears, hemorrhoids and reduce swelling - perfect for postnatal care.

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Made from: Magnesium sulphate (epsom salts), witch hazel, calendula oil, lavender, frankincense and bergamot essential oils.

Instructions: add 1/4 of a cup to a warm, shallow bath allowing it to blend and dissolve into the water. sit, soak, and take a moment to yourself, you deserve it.

Can also be used in our Fanny Flusher Perineal Bottle by steeping in hot water for 10 minutes in reusable bath tea bags then placing the clear bath tea into The Fanny Flusher. Please be careful of water temperature and do not use boiling water on your lady bits.

Stage of pregnancy: Postpartum

Symptoms/Tags: perineal tear, natural birth, after birth, vaginal birth, stitches, hemorrhoids.