Donjoy Respiform Wrist + Thumb brace
Donjoy Respiform Wrist + Thumb brace

Donjoy Respiform Wrist + Thumb brace

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One of the not-so-great side effects of pregnancy is carpal tunnel syndrome or De Quervain's tenosynovitis. They can lead to numbness, tingling, stiffness or pain in the hand and wrist. It causes a constant ache in your wrists and is often more painful at night when you're trying to sleep. 

During pregnancy, increased fluid and relaxation of the ligaments in the hand and wrist can cause pressure and compress the nerves and blood vessels. This can cause pregnancy carpal tunnel or De Quervain's tenosynovitis. 

This brace from Donjoy is designed to provide the wrist immobilisation and mild compression that may provide the relief you are looking for. Is it high fashion? No. We can't find a brace that is. But it does the job and is perfect to wear at home. If you're looking for something more discrete we also have the X that provides light compression on the wrist for relief.

DJO is an innovative global company that supplies high quality orthopedic devices to physios and other therapists.

This brace is:

  • Dedicated for either right or left hand use
  • Ergonomic, flexible, lightweight design
  • Anatomically designed, provides tailored fit
  • Easy and simple application via adjustable straps
  • Incorporates two semi-rigid dorsal stays and an aluminium palmar stay for overall wrist immobilisation
  • Advanced Ozone material, promotes air flow
  • Breathable in general use, providing good skin care and around-the-clock comfort in different heat and humidity conditions
  • Modular designed malleable thumb stay for optimum positioning
  • Hook and loop system for easy and secure distal thumb fitting

Please measure wrist circumference on the hand you need the brace for:

Size XS - 11-14cm
Size S - 14-16cm
Size M - 16-19cm

 As always, because we are all about safety, please read ingredients, instructions, our safety disclaimer and any special disclaimers before purchasing.

Made from:  Aluminium, Polyester, Polyamid, Polyurethane, PVC, Cotton, Polypropylene.

1) Loosen straps and slip hand into brace.
2) Place the thumb in the corresponding opening at the top of brace.
3) Tighten and secure the middle strap first, using the contact closure tab.
4) Then tighten and secure the two other contact-closure straps.
5) Wrap and secure thumb strap.

Stage of pregnancy: Second Trimester, Third Trimester, Postpartum

Symptoms/Tags: carpal tunnel, wrists, de quervains, tendonitis, tenosynovitis

Special disclaimer: Always discuss your symptoms with your healthcare provider before you purchase this item. 

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